For any intended software to be developed and launched, it has to go through well-defined and structured sequential stages for the product to come out successful. For business-oriented systems, database management is crucial even though they are just a small part of the software development lifecycle. The part is critical as they have the sensitive information stored in them called the data.

Every software development cycle goes through 6 phases. First phase is gathering of requirements and analysis. Second phase is designing. Third phase is the implementation of software program through coding. Fourth phase is testing of the process. Fifth phase is deployment of the software program which is followed by the last stage which is maintenance. All these are crucial when it comes to applying software development for any system.

Software Development Cycle for Data Management System

Requirement analysis is the most crucial part of data management development cycle as analysts need to find out the reason behind the development for what and which they are designing that software. The database design, on the other hand, is a combination of logic and budget restraints where the designers have to develop software which is easy to use and performs well under its limitations.

Evaluation is the tricky part when it comes to testing the performance of a software program. They have to consider if the inbuilt features match the program expectations and what to offer to the user in case of technical issues. The important factor which needs to be evaluated in software development at present is if the developed program is compatible to play on different platforms and devices.

Logical and physical database designs are selected to match the underlying database model. A small error in the designs of these will have a larger impact on the performance of the program. The next step is data loading which has to be done carefully and formatted as per the needs of the database. Testing and performance tuning are done to make the program on par with the expected results which is followed by maintenance of the live site.